Millstone Golf Course

​​About Couples League
A stress-free evening of a 9-hole tournament. Couples are matched up to play together in a tournament. It could be captain and crew, captain and mate, etc.

New Couples always welcome. This is week by week.   To be added to our mailing list e-mail Robin Smart at

Theme: Each week we establish a theme and couples dress and decorate their carts to the theme of the evening. Prizes are given to the best decorated couple and either the winner or loser of the tournament or just randomly.

Cost per couple is $30 and includes 9 holes and cart.

Couple Matchup Coordinator - Cheryl Drake

Cheryl or ​call/text 315-415-9563

Communication Stuff - website, email, facebook - Robin Smart
Theme/game suggestion or prize donations?

If you have any input on how to make the couple matchups run more smooth rather than making Cheryl go crazy all week, let us know.

Friday Night ​Couples League

​​​​June 15th

Theme: "Celebrate Father's Day" 
Dress like a dad -- not necessarily your father -- any father figure.  fisherman, hunter, office guy, roofer, rockstar, etc. 

​Updated 6/15 - 5 am

​Dudden- Marshall / Guest
Burnett / Meisterfeld
Drake-Hargreaves / Valerino
Dave Brown/ Cooper
Debois/ Donahue
Streeter-Fabrizo / Ferguson
Randy Brown/ Chapman
Naylon-Smart / Lewis -Blowers
Dreiser-Fietta / Johnson
Murphy-Myers /VanValkenburg -Smith
Connor Smart / O’Brien-Riley
Dannan / Carney & Bourque
Kelly - Tracy
Bob Brown /DeRose
Slivinski-Stenger / Matousek -Arnold
Merrill’s / Young
Smart / Preston


D & B Snyder
​Mike & Mindy Smart


Chris Ryan & Chris Carroll



Millstone Golf Course

354 Route 5 West
​Elbridge, NY 13060

(315) 689-3600

HELP!  We have been piecing together several contact lists.  We need to create just one!

Even if you have contacted Cheryl Drake or Robin Smart - YOUR COUPLE MUST REGISTER ONLINE.    (26 couples have registered so far!)

Team captain completes the form for the couple -- eeezy  peezy! 

Register YOUR COUPLE Online - CLICK HERE!  -   Then we can create the searchable online database.

You can search this online database(info from last year) - or go to this PDFof who has registered this year. 

Between those two lists you should be able to contact the other couple -  Eventually all will be on a searchable database.