2016 Hole-in-Ones

Date: 7-29-2016

Name: Andy Dennison
Hole: 13
Length of hole: 130 yds.
Club used: 9 iron
Witness: Scott Nightengale

Date: 7-29-2016
Name: Dave Campese
Hole: 3
Length of hole: 181
Club used: 6 iron
Witness: John Vercillo

Date: 8/18/16
Name: Ed Klein
Hole: 18
Length of hole: 98 yds
Club used: (did not report)
Witnesses: Ted Martz, Paul Bean

Date: 8-26-2016
Player: Steven Crozier Jr
Hole: 16
Length of hole: 140 yds
Club used: 9 iron
Witnesses: Jason Elliott, Spunky Carpenter, Al Baccili
Anything Unusual: Steven bent over to pick up the tee and never saw the ball go in!

Name: Joyce Alfred
Date: 9-6-16
Hole: 18
Length of hole: 94 yds
Club used: 9
Witness: Dick Alfred
Anything unusual: Joyce is 71 years old

​Date: 9-11-16
​Name: Michael Tubbert
Hole: 6
Length of hole: 106 yds
Club used: PW
Witnesses: Mike Lawyer, Vince Esposido, Mark O’Connors

​Date: 9/22/2016

Name: Rick Nuzzi
Date of hole in one: 9/22/2016
Hole: 16
Length of hole: 140 yards
Club used: 3-wood
Name of witnesses: Todd Brentlinger, Tom Taylor, Dean Meier

Name: Taylor Lukins
Hole: 3
Length of hole: 154 yards
Club used: 6 iron
Names of witnesses: Christopher Lukins, Richard Burt, Leroy Weston

Date: 11/2/2016
Name of Player: Doug Robinson
Hole: 18
Club used: 6 iron
Names of witnesses: Tom Robinson,
​                               Chuck Kelly, Chuck Ungleich


Date: 5-22-16
Player:  Erik Cominolli
Hole:  3
Length of hole:  181 yds
Club used:  7 iron
Witness:  Jason Macko

Date:  6-3-16
Player:  Koy Lilly
Hole:  6
Length of Hole:  100 yds
Club used:  SW 57*
Witness:  Leon Lilly

Date:  6-10-16
Player:  Scott Mooney
Hole:  13
Length of Hole:  130  yds
Club used:  8 iron
Witness:  James Mooney and Mark Knowlton

Date:  6-16-16
Player:  Jim Mohan
Hole:  13
Length of hole:  130 yds
Club used:  Attack Wedge
Witnesses:  Mike Holtby, John Mohan, Izzy Heyward

Date:  7-13-16
Player:  Michalene A. Sandore
Hole:  18
Length of Hole:  94 yds
Club used:  9 iron
Witnesses:  May Cay Kennelly
Nancy Hunt
Sheryl Welch

Date:  7-17-16
Player:  Joe Riley
Hole:  6
Length:  115 yds
Club used: 9 iron
Witnesses:  Zach Morgan, Matt Salisbury

Date:  7-18-16
Player:  Pat Smart
Hole:  6
Length of hole:  115 yds
Club used:  Sand wedge
Witness:  Mike Frood

Date: 7-21-2016

​Player: Dylan Plis
Hole: 16
Length of hole: 140 yds
Course: Millstone Golf Course
Club used: 9 iron
Name of witnesses: Dave Shaw, Geoff Plis

Date: July 24, 2016
Player: Paul White, Jr
Hole: 13
Length of hole: 130 yds
Club used: 6 iron
Witnesses: Sean Emerson, Zach Holbrook,

                  Eric Miles, Brad Emerson

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​Elbridge, NY 13060

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Millstone Golf Course

Millstone Golf Course